Get Upto Rs 200 Paytm Cashback On Every Bank Transfer

We use Ecommerce portals like Paytm to do bank to bank transactions. For a short period of time Paytm offers assured cashback between 1 Re to 200 Rupees for every Bank transaction of Rs 1000 or above you do with Paytm.

The bank transaction can be done either with Paytm UPI or Payments Bank. This is an awesome way to get Paytm cashback. You can do this multiple times in a day to win more. Make sure you are sending money to unique bank account/UPI address.

So, What are you waiting for? Go to Paytm and do bank transactions to get cashback.

Following are the terms and conditions for this Paytm Cashback Offer:

Send Rs.1000 to any Bank Account or UPI address and get assured cashback upto Rs.200.

Cashback will be credited within 7 days. Cashback will be added to your Paytm Wallet.

You can win any amount from Rs.1 to Rs.200.

You can try multiple times in a day to win higher cashback.

Send money using your UPI linked Bank Account or Paytm Payments Bank directly.

You need to send money to a unique Bank account or UPI address to get cashback everyday.

If you send money from your Paytm Payments Bank account then cashback would also be credited to the same account. Cashback for money sent from any other bank account would be added to Paytm Wallet.

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